Posted on Oct 7th, 2017

As of this date, October 7, 2017, we have received 6 applications for the current vacancies on the board.
They are:
Joe Kaelin, Joe is an active board member running for a second term.  Joe is a CPA and has served this last year as Treasurer of the Board.  He would like to continue in the decisions impacting the community for another 2 years.
Karen McKeown, Karen is a family resource specialist and a new owner here in Brier Crest.  She will be a full time, year round resident and would like to be involved in the community.
Scott Pondish,  Scott is a retired contractor who has served on the Board in the past.  He is interested in supporting and being more active in our community.
Paul Purtell, Paul has been a property owner in BCW since 2006 and in that time served on the Appeals Committee as both Chairman and member.  Paul feels his experience in the construction industry and as a Building Code Official will be an asset to the BCWPOA and the residents.
Rachel Travers, Rachel is running for a second term.  Rachel is a sales manager and is renewing her commitment to the community so that she may continue to serve her neighbors.  She enjoys developing  new activities and events to engage the neighbors to come together and develop new relationship and make use of the amenities in our community.  She is also passionate about bringing new things to protect the people and spaces we have to share, specifically the lake and beach.
Scott Wineland,  Scott is a plant operator and is running for his second term on the board.  Scott enjoys being involved with our beautiful community. 
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