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Posted on Apr 29th, 2019

Spring is a good time to review your rules and regs! Please be mindful of your speed in Brier Crest and observant of all stop signs. Speed is radar enforced! Stop signs are monitored and recorded. Children are out and about, their safety is of great concern to us. Citations have and will continue to be issued for any traffic violation.
Please also refer to the Website,and  Facebook for waste procedures. There is a listing on both sights of unacceptable items. Cameras are in place at all locations and again citations are being issued for any and all illegal dumping in both the compactor and the recycling bins. No warnings will be issued. When in doubt please call the office!
Dogs are to be kept on leashes and cleaned up after. Failure to do so is a fineable offense. Pets are not allowed on the beach!
Brier Crest badges are required at all Brier Crest amenities , beach, fishing, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.and can be picked up at the office during regular business hours.
There is no parking allowed on the street or swales.
Permits are required for all outdoor work. Please call the office.
Please have your golf carts and ATV's registered with Security and children must be of proper age as noted in the rules and regulations.
Happy Spring!
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