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Posted on Sep 8th, 2022

BCW STR new policy questions and Answers
 We have received many questions with the new format of STR letter that was sent out.   Below is a Q and A of some of those questions.  Please understand that with any new changes being implemented there will always be questions and hurdles and our rental committee is ready to address and work through these or any upcoming situations that may occur. Our goal is to create a harmonious environment with everyone that visits, lives, or vacations in BCW woods. We will strive to continue to be one of the best communities in this area! 
Good afternoon, when do drop boxes need to be installed by? And is there a size requirement ?
We are targeting an Oct 14th 2022 date. Size we are asking for a medium sized mailbox
 Medium T2 (C2) size is approximately 6 by 7 inches (wide and tall) and 19 inches long
The fine for unregistered vehicles exceeding 4 will be $25 per vehicle then issued a parking pass for the remainder of the rental period. Is the fine paid before the parking pass is issued and is the fine $25 plus $10 for the parking pass or really $15 with the $10 parking pass issued ?
The fine will be issued upon arrival to the house for those cars not registered. At that point those passes will be issued. If the fines are not paid then they will be considered a resident not in good standing and privileges will be removed for future rentals just as they would for a homeowner. The fine is $25 and you will receive a pass once the fine is written, there is no break down of cost. The committee wanted to be fair but have a penalty for those trying to not register. We felt as a group this was a fair option.
Also guest passes  is it a $25 fine  plus a $5 fee for the wristband or $20 and the wristband is issued ? And are the fines collected before any wristbands are issued ? 
Same as above for car registration
The website listed for on-line registration….when I tried to go there it half of it was in chinese or japanese characters.  Not sure what we are supposed to look for or if the site listed is wrong since there is a which is legitimate.  Do I pay $20 per month or does BCW pay $20/mo.  Can I simply send my tenants a link to this or are there still parts of the form that need to be filled out by me.  
The website is not up and running yet our target date is Oct 14th 2022
The site fee is paid by BCW
Once the policy is in effect you will be able to guide your tenants there to complete info
Instead of the badges that my guests now use, the guests will now use wristbands, correct?  I just want to confirm that these will be plastic and cleanable since they are being used by multiple guests.  I don’t want to get complaints that they are dirty because they were hard to clean.
They will be plastic bands much like many people already wear so to my knowledge and will be cleanable, but this will be the responsibility of the STR owner or management company to provide clean wrist bands just as you would any item in a rental home. This will not be BCW issue
The fees will not increase from $50 to $60 until October 14?
 Starting hopefully on our targeted date
The drop box…what size is recommended?  Can this be a mailbox?  I am a little confused as to what is being asked and where you would like it located.
We are targeting an Oct 14th 2022 date. Size we are asking for a medium sized mailbox
 Medium T2 (C2) size is approximately 6 by 7 inches (wide and tall) and 19 inches long
We are suggesting they be mounted to the house by the front door or entrance that is used for the tenants.
If there is someone else I should call with my questions 
Questions can be submitted to BCW and will be passed along to the proper parties 
Will the homeowner of a consistently rented  STR need to notify BCW/ security if they want to stay at their property ?
 I would suggest that they do this and have proof that they are the homeowner to avoid being issued any fines that they will later have to arbitrate.
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