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Governing Documents Committee Recommendations
Posted on Sep 11th, 2020

The Governing Documents Committee has agreed to present the following recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration.
 Article 6, 6.6.    Between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm a written warning will be issued.  If the violation continues or if it stops and reoccurs later in the day then a fine will be issued for non compliance of BCWPOA Rules and Regulations.  Between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am no warning will be given.  An automatic citation will be given.  Any reoccurrence of a noise violation within 30 days is an automatic citation with fine.  It was agreed upon that the fee for a noise violation be raised from $50 to $100.
 Article 6, 6.5 C and Article 4, 4.2I should read the same:  No dogs, cats or other animals referred to as pets or domesticated animals will be permitted in the lake, on the beach, at the picnic areas or other places designated as recreational areas. 
Article 3, 3.2B.  Property owners are responsible for obtaining a hang tag/sticker for each of their vehicles and to place it in the front of the inside rear view mirror (facing the windshield) when parked in Brier Crest.   A citation of $25 will be issued for noncompliance after one warning. Article 3, 3.2A, Vehicle hang tags/stickers will be issued to all property owners upon purchasing in Brier Crest.  Article 3, 3.2D, Each property owner is entitled to two Member and 2 Guest tags at no charge at time of purchase.
Article 2, 2.1G. Add one registered camper per property will be permitted and the camper must be registered to the property owner.  Camper must be parked 30 feet off the street.
Article 4, 4.1G.  Add  fine of $100 will be imposed for launching boats off the rear of properties.
Skateboarding is not allowed in Brier Crest. 
Article 4, 4.2D. Add children under the age of 12 will be required to leave the beach area if not accompanied by an adult. 
A $50 fine issued for the feeding of feral cats.  Should the offender be a guest of a property owner the fine will be the responsibility of the property owner whose guest has caused the infraction.
The following wordage changes were approved by the Board at the August meeting:
 Article 3, 3.2A. Vehicle stickers changed to hang tags/stickers.
Article 3, 3.2D. Each property owner is entitled to 2 Member and 2 Guest Tags.
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Comment By: Robert Suter
Posted on Sep 15, 2020

For a noise violation, isn't 10pm a little early ?

Comment By: Paul Bizon
Posted on Sep 26, 2020

We need to provide a warning prior to issuing fines. I live next to a rental and have found that most times the people making noise will stop or lower the volume once they have been notified this is an issue.
10:00 PM is too early. The current 11:00PM timeframe should remain.