Green Phase
Posted on Jun 17th, 2020

Dear Brier Crest Community Members:
Barring any last minute changes by the Governor’s Office, Monroe County will enter into the “green” phase for re-opening on Friday, June 19th. As before, this generates both excitement and some angst for the board of directors.
Moving forward, these will be the changes you will begin to see:
1. Our beach and lake are open! We will continue to ask that you practice social distancing to continue to reduce everyone’s chance of infection. We still recommend, not mandate, that cloth masks be worn on the beach. At this time, we are not putting the swimming dock back into the lake. Our board of directors will revisit this during our July meeting. The swimming area is roped off as always. There is an area of six feet surrounding our lifeguard stand roped off to ensure the safety of our lifeguards. We will continue to use our security staff to monitor the beach area. We will be placing some picnic tables back on the beach for use. We do ask that you clean up when you are leaving and if possible wipe the table you are using down.
Starting on Monday, June 22nd, the beach will be open as normal. Sunday through Thursday from 10:00AM until 6:00PM and Friday and Saturday from 10:00AM until 8:00PM.
2.  Our Pavilion, Playground and Tennis Courts will be open as of the 19th. The Basketball Courts and Volleyball Courts will remain CLOSED! Maintenance will disinfect the playground every morning. Maintenance will be spacing out the tables in the pavilion. We ask that you DO NOT move them from where they are placed for any reason.
3.  The Water Fountain will remain OFF!
4.  The Bathrooms at the Beach are OPEN from when the lifeguard comes on duty until one hour prior to the lifeguard going off duty. Maintenance will do a full cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms every morning prior to them being open.
Starting Monday, June 22nd, our bathrooms at the beach will be open from the beginning of our lifeguard shifts until the end of their shifts.
5.  The community building will be open, however our OFFICE will remain locked to any non-staff members. Should you need anything, you may stop by the office or call for an appointment.
6.  Our SECURITY is inspecting and validating all Golf Carts, Quads and any other recreational equipment that is normally required to have a BCW sticker on it.
7.  There will be NO 4th of July picnic on the beach this year. The board will revisit the Labor Day and Pig Roast at the July meeting.
In closing, I want to thank everyone for your patience during this difficult time. As a board, we greatly appreciate the adherence to guidelines you have shown and we hope continue to show. The board has done everything required of us by the laws of the commonwealth. We will continue to follow their recommendations and we appreciate your continuance in helping to keep our community safe during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at 570-646-8802. 
Michael F. Ruff
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