Posted on May 28th, 2020

Dear Brier Crest Community Members:
I sense the excitement that is beginning to build knowing that our county will be moving into the yellow phase as of Friday, May 29th. For us, board members, this brings as much angst as it does relief.
Moving forward, these will be the changes you will begin to see:
Short-Term Rentals will again be allowed in BCW. We will be monitoring these rentals to the best of our abilities to ensure continued public safety.  We will be requesting of each landlord that they do not rent to multi-family or groups, as this goes against the still in-place CDC Guidelines for social distancing.
Our beach and lake will re-open! However, there will be strict enforcement of social distancing guidelines enforced by our security staff. We recommend that cloth masks be worn on the beach. There will be NO SWIMMING DOCK! We have no way of maintaining proper disinfection guidelines of this and thus it will not be put in the lake. Maintenance will rope off the swimming area as we always do. We will mark off an area of six feet surrounding our lifeguard stand to ensure the safety of our lifeguards. Their responsibility is the water, not the happenings on the beach. Our security will oversee our beach during this time. There will be NO PICNIC TABLES left on the beach for use.
Our Pavilion, Playground, Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts will remain CLOSED!
The Water Fountain will remain OFF!
The Bathrooms will be OPEN from when the lifeguard comes on duty until one hour prior to the lifeguard going off duty. Maintenance will do a full cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms every morning prior to them being open. They will come back every two hours to do a quick disinfection in those areas, such as handles, to ensure we are adhering to the CDC guidelines for risk mitigation.
Our OFFICE will remain CLOSED to any non-staff members. Should you need anything, you may stop by the office and call them from outside to collect your beach badges.
Our SECURITY will begin to inspect and validate all Golf Carts, Quads and any other recreational equipment that is normally required to have a BCW sticker on it.
There will be no exceptions made to any of these policies! Do not ask or put any of our staff in the uncomfortable situation of having to tell a member-in-good standing NO. Should you not adhere to any of these policies, we will withhold your rights to use the amenities.
In closing, we have done everything required of us by the laws of the commonwealth. We will continue to follow their recommendations and we appreciate your continuance in helping to keep our community safe during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at 570-646-8802. 
We continue to ask that you follow the guideline of Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Well and Remain Positive during this very difficult time for all of us.
Michael F. Ruff
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