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BCW News
Annual Board Meeting 2020
Posted on Sep 21st, 2020
BCW Annual Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Registration will begin at 9:00 am with meeting starting promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Due to the COVID-19 regulations 25 people will be allowed in the meeting.
If you wish to participate via Zoom, please send your proxy vote to the office prior to the meeting and submit your email to office@briercrestwoods.org by 2:00 pm on Friday, October 9th to be placed on the invite list and receive information on participation.
Slate of Candidates for Board of Directors 2020
Posted on Sep 21st, 2020
We have nine members who have applied for the Board of Directors.  Below is a listing of the applicants.
Dan Brenek  is currently serving on the Board and overseeing security.
Tim Crimmins  is currently on the Board serving as Vice President.
Barry Fadio  is a Regional QA Manager with Previous experience in public service and has served on multiple committees such as  contract negotiations, capital improvement projects for both community and school district.  During his career in homebuilding he has worked with new community development, HOA transitions and Property Risk Assessment.
Charles (Chick) Hatton is a Sales and Territory Manager who would like to be more involved in our development to help create a positive outlook and to help maintain a happy community.
Beth Starr Mercincavage is a Financial Analyst who wants to do her part in making our community the best it could be by being actively involved.
Curtis Reed is employed by Mack Truck and would like to be involved in helping the community and would gladly give any positive input or positive influence he can to help keep the community going strong.
Michael Ruff is currently serving on the Board as President.
Dean Scheurich is a sales manager and would like to be an advocate for property owners and maintain the values of our properties and to be involved to keep Brier Crest Woods a safe, fun and healthy community for homeowners by supporting and implementing changes to meet this goal.
Marie Wilson is a current Board member and is involved in the fishing and recreation committees.
Tunkhannock Township Short Term Rental Ordinance
Posted on Sep 16th, 2020
Governing Documents Committee Recommendations
Posted on Sep 11th, 2020
The Governing Documents Committee has agreed to present the following recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration.
 Article 6, 6.6.    Between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm a written warning will be issued.  If the violation continues or if it stops and reoccurs later in the day then a fine will be issued for non compliance of BCWPOA Rules and Regulations.  Between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am no warning will be given.  An automatic citation will be given.  Any reoccurrence of a noise violation within 30 days is an automatic citation with fine.  It was agreed upon that the fee for a noise violation be raised from $50 to $100.
 Article 6, 6.5 C and Article 4, 4.2I should read the same:  No dogs, cats or other animals referred to as pets or domesticated animals will be permitted in the lake, on the beach, at the picnic areas or other places designated as recreational areas. 
Article 3, 3.2B.  Property owners are responsible for obtaining a hang tag/sticker for each of their vehicles and to place it in the front of the inside rear view mirror (facing the windshield) when parked in Brier Crest.   A citation of $25 will be issued for noncompliance after one warning. Article 3, 3.2A, Vehicle hang tags/stickers will be issued to all property owners upon purchasing in Brier Crest.  Article 3, 3.2D, Each property owner is entitled to two Member and 2 Guest tags at no charge at time of purchase.
Article 2, 2.1G. Add one registered camper per property will be permitted and the camper must be registered to the property owner.  Camper must be parked 30 feet off the street.
Article 4, 4.1G.  Add  fine of $100 will be imposed for launching boats off the rear of properties.
Skateboarding is not allowed in Brier Crest. 
Article 4, 4.2D. Add children under the age of 12 will be required to leave the beach area if not accompanied by an adult. 
A $50 fine issued for the feeding of feral cats.  Should the offender be a guest of a property owner the fine will be the responsibility of the property owner whose guest has caused the infraction.
The following wordage changes were approved by the Board at the August meeting:
 Article 3, 3.2A. Vehicle stickers changed to hang tags/stickers.
Article 3, 3.2D. Each property owner is entitled to 2 Member and 2 Guest Tags.
Please forward comments to office@briercrestwoods.org
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020
It has been brought to our attention that a member who was in attendance at the last Board Meeting on August 8th, 2020 has contracted COVID-19. We do not know when he contracted this.
If you were at the board meeting and not feeing well you may feel that it is important to you to be tested.The hospital is required to do contact tracing.
If further information becomes available we will pass it on.
Posted on Aug 17th, 2020
Wanted:  Board of Director Members
This year there will be six openings for the Board of Directors.
Applications are available at the office.
Director Eligibility:
 At least 18 years of age
A citizen of the United States
Have the required paperwork for nomination submitted to the office no later than forty five (45) days prior to the election except as noted in Section 5 (b) of this article.  Section 5 b states that in the event a full slate of candidates is not available ( At least as many candidates as vacancies) additional nominations will be accepted with all requests received by Brier Crest Woods office until the slate is full or no less than five (5) days from the date of the annual meeting whichever comes first.  Page 11, BCW By-law’s.
Directors must be members in good standing.
Not an employee of Brier Crest.
Please consider being a member!
Posted on Jul 3rd, 2020
The Governor's order of July 1, 2020 mandates that masks are mandatory in all public places. According to the order people must wear masks if they are:
Outdoors and unable to consistently maintain a distance of 6 feet from individuals who are not members of their household.
Posted on Jun 19th, 2020
Brier Crest has seen an increase in the number of bears in our area.  The following is information from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  We would appreciate you reviewing this information to ensure the safety of our residents, children and pets.  Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.  Pamphlets are available for pick up. 
Pennsylvania population has been increasing for decades.  As a result bears and people are coming into contact more than ever.  Most of these encounters occur when bears learn there is easy to obtain food where people live. 
Intentionally feeding bears is against the law in Pennsylvania.  It is also against the law to put out any feed for any wildlife. Make sure you do not encourage bears to become a problem by letting potential; food sources attract them into residential; areas.  Bears will eat human food, garbage and pet food. Once bears find an easily accessible food source they will keep coming back as long as food is available. With every returning trip they lose their fear of people which could lead to bolder attempts at accessing food so does the risk of of being struck by a vehicle or becoming a more serious nuisance.  The best way to keep them away is to remove food sources. A persistent bear may damage property, increase the risk of human injury, and often a fed bear becomes a dead bear.  If you have pets do not leave their food bowls out.  Feeding congregates bear which significantly increases the risk of spreading disease. Mange, which is a debilitating condition of the skin and fur can lead to death.
What to Do if you Meet a Bear:
Alert the bear – make some noise giving it ample time to turn and leave.
Get back -  back away slowly while facing the bear so you always know where the bear is.  Wild bears rarely attack people.  Slowly backing away diffuses the situation and gives the bear room to flee.
Stay calm – Avoid sudden movements and talk to help the bear keep track of your retreat.  Running may prompt the bear to give chase and climbing a tree could be interpreted as a threat to any cubs that are present since cubs often climb trees when startled.  Move toward your house or vehicle if nearby.
Pay attention – If a bear begins to approach you, face the bear, wave your arms wildly and shout while continuing to back away.  Swing a stick, your backpack or whatever is handy if the bear gets close.  If suddenly surprised some bears may feel threatened and give warnings that they are uncomfortable.  They may clack their jaws or sway their head, those are signs for you to leave.  Some bears have been known to charge to within a few feet when threatened.  If this occurs wave your arms wildly and shout at the bear.
Fight back – Black bear attacks are extremely rare.  If a black bear attacks, fight back.  Bears have been driven away when people have fought back with rocks, sticks, or even their bare hands.
Green Phase
Posted on Jun 17th, 2020
Dear Brier Crest Community Members:
Barring any last minute changes by the Governor’s Office, Monroe County will enter into the “green” phase for re-opening on Friday, June 19th. As before, this generates both excitement and some angst for the board of directors.
Moving forward, these will be the changes you will begin to see:
1. Our beach and lake are open! We will continue to ask that you practice social distancing to continue to reduce everyone’s chance of infection. We still recommend, not mandate, that cloth masks be worn on the beach. At this time, we are not putting the swimming dock back into the lake. Our board of directors will revisit this during our July meeting. The swimming area is roped off as always. There is an area of six feet surrounding our lifeguard stand roped off to ensure the safety of our lifeguards. We will continue to use our security staff to monitor the beach area. We will be placing some picnic tables back on the beach for use. We do ask that you clean up when you are leaving and if possible wipe the table you are using down.
Starting on Monday, June 22nd, the beach will be open as normal. Sunday through Thursday from 10:00AM until 6:00PM and Friday and Saturday from 10:00AM until 8:00PM.
2.  Our Pavilion, Playground and Tennis Courts will be open as of the 19th. The Basketball Courts and Volleyball Courts will remain CLOSED! Maintenance will disinfect the playground every morning. Maintenance will be spacing out the tables in the pavilion. We ask that you DO NOT move them from where they are placed for any reason.
3.  The Water Fountain will remain OFF!
4.  The Bathrooms at the Beach are OPEN from when the lifeguard comes on duty until one hour prior to the lifeguard going off duty. Maintenance will do a full cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms every morning prior to them being open.
Starting Monday, June 22nd, our bathrooms at the beach will be open from the beginning of our lifeguard shifts until the end of their shifts.
5.  The community building will be open, however our OFFICE will remain locked to any non-staff members. Should you need anything, you may stop by the office or call for an appointment.
6.  Our SECURITY is inspecting and validating all Golf Carts, Quads and any other recreational equipment that is normally required to have a BCW sticker on it.
7.  There will be NO 4th of July picnic on the beach this year. The board will revisit the Labor Day and Pig Roast at the July meeting.
In closing, I want to thank everyone for your patience during this difficult time. As a board, we greatly appreciate the adherence to guidelines you have shown and we hope continue to show. The board has done everything required of us by the laws of the commonwealth. We will continue to follow their recommendations and we appreciate your continuance in helping to keep our community safe during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at 570-646-8802. 
Michael F. Ruff
Posted on Jun 1st, 2020
Our security will begin to inspect and validate all golf carts, quads and any other recreational equipment that is normally required to have a BCW sticker on it. Please call security at 570-656-5583.
Rules and Regulations For ATV's , Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes and other Two wheeled Motorized vehicles:
Operators ages eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age may be permitted to operate an ATV ONLY IF THEY HAVE OBTAINED AN ATV SAFETY TRAINING CERTIFICATE AND MUST BE RIDING IN C...ONJUNCTION WITH AN ADULT 18 OR OLDER.
Operators aged eight (8) through nine (9) years of age are restricted to an engine size of 70cc or less. Operators uinder the age of eight (8) are restricted to an owner's property only.
Operators under the age of sixteen (16) years of age must be riding in conjunction with with an adult aged 18 or older.
Hours of operation shall be from 7 am to 11 pm for operators over the age of eighteen(18) and 7 am until 9 pm for operators under the age of eighteen (18).
Rules and Regulations for Golf Carts:
The minimum age for operators shall be fourteen (14) years of age except as noted below.
Operators less than fourteen (14) years must be able to reach all controls and must be accompanied by an adult aged eighteen (18) or older who is seated next to the operator.
Hours of operation shall be from daylight until dusk unless the golf cart is equipped with headlights and tail lights, then the hours are extended to 9 pm for those under the age of 18 and 11 pm for those over the age of 18.
All passengers must be seated directly on a permanent seat at all times.
Please adhere to the posted sped limits.
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