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BCW News
Posted on Mar 19th, 2020
The beach area, pavilion, playground & all courts (basketball, volleyball, tennis) in Brier Crest are closed until further notice.
Posted on Mar 17th, 2020
In light of the recent events surrounding the COVID-19, we as a community need to keep calm and carry on.
The governor announced some significant steps that are necessary to halt the spread of this virus.  As the governor says “the next few weeks will be challenging.  There is no reason to panic but we need to take this disease seriously.  Please stay at home.  Make as few in person contacts as you can, avoid gatherings of 10 or more people.”
We, as a community can do our part.  Please take the time to check on your neighbors, the aged, the disabled and the homebound.  When going shopping please check and see if someone is in need of supplies or food. 
We have a few volunteers that are able to help out if any of our residents are homebound and in need of food or prescriptions being picked up.  Please call the office and we will connect you with one of these fine people.  If calling outside of office hours please leave a message with your name and phone number.  Messages will be checked regularly throughout the days ahead. 
If you are able and willing to volunteer please call the office with your name, phone number and availability.  We will add you to our list. Again, if it is after business hours, please leave a message. 
Your help will ensure that no one in our community will go without food or medication.
Be calm, be patient, we will get through this.   
Tobyhanna Elementary Center
Posted on Mar 16th, 2020
Tobyhanna Elementary Center PTO
March 14 at 8:42 PM
With the sudden closure of schools, we realize it may be difficult to provide lunches to children in the community. -Please note that this ...has moved to VanGilder's Jubilee Restaurant on Route 940. The time of distribution has changed 9:30-11:00am on Monday, March 16th. Thank you to the Jubilee for letting use their space for distribution.-
There are 2 lunches to choose from: PB & J sandwich or turkey and cheese sandwich. Each bagged lunch will also have a granola bar and fruit. We hope you find this helpful. If this time frame is not convenient, please send a pm.
Posted on Mar 13th, 2020
Out of concern for the safety of our children, parents and residents all Kids Club activities will be canceled until further notice.
Posted on Mar 13th, 2020
Out of concern for the safety of our residents the March Board Meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 14th is cancelled.
Posted on Mar 6th, 2020
Plastic bags containing recycling must be emptied into recycling dumpster and bags thrown into compactor.
Bags holding recyclable material cannot be placed in recycle containers. We do have recycle containers available.  If you would like to pick one up please call the office. 
Trash Regulations
Posted on Mar 6th, 2020
Below is an updated list of items that CANNOT be placed into our trash or recycling bins. Spotters are at the landfill and Brier Crest will face a substantial fine for any violation.  Placing unauthorized items in the trash/recycling is a finable offense. 
Gaming Systems
VCR/DVD Players
Networking Devices
Power Supplies
Furniture, Indoor/Outdoor
Vacuum Cleaners
Coffee Pots/Kitchen Appliances/Pots, Pans
Ceiling Fans/Floor Fans
Lawn Mowers/rakes, brooms
Florescent Light Bulb
Yard Debris
Air Conditioners
Humidifiers/Air Purifiers
Metal of any kind, wire
Sheet Rock/Insulation
Yard Debris
Any large or bulky items without prior consent
Security is actively monitoring our trash bins. Citations to include a fine will be issued for all trash violations. The trash area is equipped with security cameras.
When in doubt about an item please call the office first.
The open dumpster will once again be available this spring/summer by appointment. Notification will be posted when the first open dumpster is scheduled.
Any fines issued to Brier Crest due to improper dumpster procedures affects us all. Increased costs to Brier Crest for fines imposed can affect our dues structure.
The Waste Authority is located at 183 Commercial Boulevard in Blakeslee off 115 by the Best Western.   Their phone number is 570-643-6100.
They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the First Saturday of the month by appointment only.  There is no fee for disposing of items with the exception of tires.   
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2020
Fireworks and Open Fires are not permitted in Brier Crest Woods!
This is a finable offense!
Posted on Jun 7th, 2019
The Open Dumpster and Brush Pile will be open beginning on Saturday, June 8th. You must make an appointment with the office and present your current badges.
No tires will be accepted.
No TV's, electronics or microwaves.
No refrigerators , appliances or air conditioners.
No Water Heaters.
No Metal of any kind.
No treated wood.
Cabinets or any other large items must be broken down ahead of time before placing in the dumpster.
Limited dumping will be allowed - We will not allow the dumping of entire rooms or homes.
No Contractor Material can be placed in the dumpster.
No leaves or landscaping debris, brushes, trees, etc.
If in doubt please call the office for verification.
For the Brush Pile you must make an appointment through the office. Only branches are accepted - no leaves. Chipper size branches only, no logs or big trees.
These rules will be strictly enforced and any property owner found in violation of these rules will face a fine up to $1,000 for each offense. The Dumpster is for the use of Brier Crest Woods Community Members Only.
Please keep in mind that the dumpster is under camera surveillance.
Posted on May 22nd, 2019
No Golf Carts or ATV's are allowed to park under the tent at the beach.

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